THE LOST DAYS: Tribute to Silent Hill

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The Silent Hill Community Tribute Project; Album and Art Book!

Project F.A.Q

Allow me to address some FAQ’s about the Silent Hill Community Tribute Project of music and fine art!

Q: Can I submit art? How do I do so?

A: Simple! Just create some art, inspired by SIlent Hill’s vast universe, and email the images to me. Fun Fact: The artwork will be used as individual track art, AS WELL AS a pdf art book featuring all the submitted artworks which will be bundled with the finished record.

Q: Can i submit songs? How do I do so?

A: Yes! Of course! (see above, replace ‘art’ with ‘music’

Q: What are the guidelines for submitting art?

A: Well, I want you to feel as free, creatively, as possible. Just two simple rules: Artwork must be your own and The Songs should be named, preferably, after a location, item, person or thing in the Silent Hill universe.

Q: Is there a deadline for the work I would like to contribute?

A: Yes indeed! But as of yet is not specifically determined. If you have contacted me about contributing, you will be notified when an absolute deadline is arranged. Until then, start having some fun, messing around with some ideas, send them over and we can discuss and talk about Silent Hill and stuff.

Note: Artwork has no approaching deadline, but those submitting music, I would appreciate some rough ideas/published songs to be submitted in the next week or so, give or take a week. You can contact me, queery me or submit songs through the contact info here.

Q: What genre do my songs have to be?

A: Well, preferably Yamaoka styley. You know, industrial, ambient stuff. BUT I’ve already received a wide variety of excellent tracks, from comedy, to pop-oriented, to down-right static noise, so I’m starting to lean towards the genre of ‘ANY GENRE - as long as the subject matter is clearly inspired by Silent Hill and faithful to the source.) Use samples from the game, create your very own original track, be creative!

Q: I have a few questions…

A: Brilliant question! You can ask them here or or here or here.

Q: What else is in store for the Silent Hill Tribute Album Community Project Bonanza-Extravoganza?

A: Plenty! Things a-plenty! Which, naturally, will be announced and rolled out in the coming weeks. People involved, however, will be kept on a personal mailing list and kept up to date with all the happenings within the project and HQ. Not to mention personal assistance and contact whenever they may need it.

Currently, we need someone who can easily assist in helping us create some kinda small website/forum to allow the contributors (and those who may not be on Tumblr) to communicate and so on. If you would like to assist with that, please, get in touch.


A few submission guidelines of the project:

  • Most Important: Your respective works do not have to be covers of existing songs or artworks of the characters, simply be creative! Create something which would not be out of place in the universe of Silent Hill.

Be inspired by Silent Hill.

For Art:

  • Creativity is not about restrictions, so please, be as creative as you like, and try to avoid fan-art of existing characters, unless you use the schools of abstraction and surrealism so they are more-so your vision than a impression of the existing characters. All mediums are accepted, so as I’ve said, be creative!As for file size, as big as possible is generally the rule of thumb, so the image can be reduced, cropped, or constrained without losing the original quality.

Strive for Quailty.

For Music:

  • Also, the best music is the kind of music which really explores the space of sound. So go for it! Preferably, the track’s should be called something related to the series; either a Location, Name, Item, Creature, Feeling, Quote or thing from the Silent Hill universe.

    Revel in Quantity.

Feel free to ask some more thing if you’ve got the itch. Any more questions? Feel free to ask.