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Silent Hill Community Tribute Project Blog Update #1


So, here we are, week 2, hey? Gee, how time flies.

Sarcasm aside, I thought I’d take the opportunity to update you guys on some things.

  1. Week 2 of submissions, much like week 1, have been a success!
    We have around 50 artists contributing to both music and artworks, conveniently, about 25 on each side, give or take. With one week left of submissions (after week 2, week 3 I mean) we should have a nice little package for the fans of Silent Hill!

  2. The Art Book has begun its design phase!
    So, what I’ve done is, throw all your currently submitted artworks and drafts into the artbook template, and shuffled thing a around a bit, and my, oh my do your works look nice. All slated out together like some creepy family of arts. I will be sending everyone on the mailing list a prototype design of the art book in the coming week(s). The image slots will be filled with my artwork, that is, in the protoype you will receive, so as to not give away the reveal of all your individual works, and because you’ve mostly probably seen a lot of my work on the recruitment posts. The layout will be in the form of “OPTIONS” which will allow you, the artists, to decide on how you would like your artwork(s) displayed in the book. The layout is pretty comprehensive and basic, with colours, background, etc, subject to change. But, it will give you a neat idea of how things will look, in the basic prototype form.

  3. Community Feedback is VERY IMPORTANT (and valuable!)
    The artbook will be the first of many feedback loops you can all participate in. The design, the layout, the options you would like to see (if they haven’t already been addressed int he prototype) You will all also have a big say in;
    • The Naming of the Tribute Art Book.
    • The Naming of the Tribute Album.
    • The promotional method.
    • The distribution method.
    • (all being handled by an interactive poll of your suggestions)

  4. ART JAMS!
    Ah yes, the art jam concept! So… In two weeks (at the end of week 3 of recruitments) the recruitment ads will stop being so frequent as team silent hill tribute project locks-down and begins refining the project as a whole. That means I’ll be talking to each and every one of you about your contributions, getting your final submissions, getting your art-book preferences, your bios, etcetc. In those weeks where most of you will have already submitted something to the project, I’ll be sending out a very brief statement that the Art Jam has begun, with a theme and a notion for you to work from. You will then have one week to complete a piece of work (related to silent hill) based on the theme I transmit. The Art Jams are not compulsory, and completely optional, but the people who take-part in the Art Jams will have their work in a special section of the art-book and on the album. Sound simple enough? I hope so… I also hope many of you would be attracted to the idea, and want to participate. The works wont be expected to be as polished as your official submissions, but should be a bit of fun within the project community.

Well, there’s your update!

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me!

Good luck with the rest of your work, and look forward to the future workings and cog-turning of the project!

Thanks again,

Project Lead/Coordinator.

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